Sunday, June 12, 2005


Mr. M.V.Krishnaswamy, observing my keen interest in movies, asked me to document how and when i got interested in films. A good friend of mine thinks that i am prejudiced for i have such a low opinion on current day indian films, with the exception of some bengali and malayalam films.
I think once you enter the dark cinema hall, it matters little where the movie was made.If the movie has any merit it transports you to a different world.
Perhaps the first movie i saw was an american movie called "OneMillionBC", starring Victor Mature.Saw this at Mysore Olympia Talkies, do not remember the year, maybe 1948 or 1949.just last week walked in front of olympia talkies and they were showing the kannada movie "Mr. Bhakra".And that says a lot in itself.I better leave it at that because this is not about the state of indian films.
My mother took me to see "Quo Vadis" at Gayathri Talkies in Mysore.Other films that i saw during that period were "Raja Vikrama", "Jagan Mohini" both at RajKamal Talkies in Mysore.I think i went with my mother.During those days there was a separate section for ladies in the theater.One Mr.Kempa Raj produced "Raja Vikrama" and later he also made a movie called "Jala Durga" based on "Count of Montecristo" by Alexander Dumas.I could not see "Jala Durga".
Those days going to movies was really a big problem.It was considered a big waste of time and money.
The one movie that really impressed me was Raj Kapoor's "Sri 420".Went with my maternal uncle one Mr. Rama Ballal to the night show at Olympia Talkies.And that was my first night show.Year was 1953 or 1954.Perhaps that was when i got hooked.
Next prominent movie that made a very strong impression was Fred Zinneman's From Here To Eternity.Those days i was in the habit of collecting Heralds of American and British Movies.Would go to both Gayathri and Ganesha talkies and ask them for the heralds.Had a very big collection.The names became very familiar.I had this herald of Hitchcock's "Notorious", I only saw the movie later after i migrated to America.That was just one example.Now my collection is lost,woud give a thousand dollars if i could get hold of them heralds.


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