Saturday, July 16, 2005

Travel Itinerary July Thru Nov 2005

Leaving Bangalore for Madras on July 17th afternoon.
Stay at Radisson while in Madras.
Will catch the Delta Airlines Flight to Paris at 2:45 AM on July 18th.
Arrival in Paris 9:45 AM at Charles De Gaulle Airport(Roissy).
From Roissy will take a taxi to Beauvais Airport.
Will fly Ryan Air to Nykoping(Sweden).Flight leaves at 2:55 PM and
reaches Nykoping around 5 PM.

Break in Sweden till August 2nd.

August 2nd to Berlin, Germany on a SAS flight.
Stay at Hilton Berlin till the 9th.
Fly to Budapest on the 9th on SAS.
Stay at Hilton Westend Budapest till the 13th.
Fly back to Berlin on the 13th, stay overnight at Hilton.
Next day will fly to Stockholm.

While in Sweden plan to travel to Oslo to meet my friend
M.K.Ramesh.And may be fly to Barcelona for a few days.
All in planning stages.

On sept 20th will fly to New York from Paris.
Stay with my friend V.T.Shadagopan till Nov 10th.
Return to Paris and to Nykoping on Nov 10th.
Fly back to Madras from Paris on Nov 20th.
Will reach Madras on Nov 21st.


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