Thursday, February 28, 2008

february 29, 2008

another day in this piss poor country called india. this marwadi controlled news paper just recently started a campaign called lead india to sell more paper. india is already in the toilet and don't know where else times of india wants to lead india. they called this fart of a guy called r.k misra the winner. every day some organization is honoring him for winning the contest. this is so pathetic. so much of time and money is wasted in this. nothing changes in india. it has been more than 60 years since india gained independence, we cannot build proper roads with drainage. our sewage system is hundred years old and every time it rains raw sewage flows like a river. so how can this sapless sap rk misra change all that. he just goes about getting honored and giving speeches. actually i live in a place called malleswaram in bangalore. and they are building a underpass near the old malleswaram circle and every day i see some two or three laborers dong some work. it seems the contractor needs to bribe the government engineers to get any payment, some of them refuse to bribe these scum bags so work is almost not happening. i wish r.k misra would come and do some manual work and get things rolling. may be he can invite the losers who campaigned for him to join him and build this underpass. no chance of that happenig. because to take such an initiative you need guts and class.


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