Friday, December 30, 2005

Landscape In The Mist

last night saw this charming movie and i am glad i did.this is a film from greece directed by Theo Angelopoulos. this is sort of a road movie. story of two children who run away from home in search of their father. haunting images stayed with me for a long time. this is pure cinema with very little dialogue. the movie actually transported me to a different world. did not feel like coming back.
wish i could write better so i could formulate my thoughts to good prose. one of these days if i keep up with this exercise will get there.
woke up in the morning and glanced at the "times of india", learnt that s.m. krishna is in bangalore releasing some booku. he is the governor of maharashtra and why he keeps coming to bangalore to attend these meaningless functions is beyond me. then there is the news of dharam singu attending a weddingu of some multi millionaire's son. these people make me sick. these clueless clowns are in charge of the state and no wonder this place is a mess. then there is sudha murthy getting another public toilet ready for sm krishna to innagurate. believe me most of these public toilets are awful. there is one near gandhi nagar which is frequented by the local pimps and get busy late in the evening. if you should ever come to malleswaram, look for the one near the malleswaram grounds and you will see distinguished members of malleswaram urinating around the public toilet and no one bothers to use the toilet. it is a big joke but sudha murthy gets all kinds of awards for her philanthropic work.


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