Wednesday, July 20, 2005

17 july 2005 Bangalore to Madras

the jetair flight got delayed by some 30 minutes.Ahmad from radisson promptly was at the madras airport to receive us.stay at radisson was a complete disappointment.they had agreed for a certain rate and when i checked in they hiked up the rate and refused to give me a breakfast coupon.i think it is a very cheap outfit.will never stay there again.
but the room was very nice and the band in the evening at the coffee shop was really superb.
forgot the singers name, but he had a crackling voice and he belted some of my favourite
songs including autumn leaves, besa memucho,shadow of your smile and strangers in the night.
totally satisfied with the nice dinner and the music.i talked to the singer and thanked him seems he was singing at the orange county in bangalore some time back.his voice
reminded me of sachmo.
at 12 midnight reached the airport,check in formality was a little tiresome.they wanted to open
one suitcase and check.but for that check in was fairly smooth.then waited for the flight at the
delta lounge.2 45 am is a very odd time.but the flight was on time. i was completely exhausted by the time i boarded.


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