Saturday, March 01, 2008

march 2, 2008

this clown rk misra gets facilitated again. times of india had a whole page reporting this event. so many pseudo sophisticated ass wipes of bangalore attended. i am curious what this rk misra going to accomplish. it has been three weeks since they coronated him and i do not see any changes. traffic still crawls all over bangalore and the rest of the country. still no drinking water for half the population of bangalore. no end to corruption in government offices. yeddiyurappa celebrated his 66 th birthday and he gets a garland weighing 66 kg's.
are we stupid. have we lost it. who cares about yeddi's birthday. what's the big frickin deal. i want to see rk misra with a shovel in malleswaram and work on the underpass. we have so many other idiots like rk misra in india. that joker sri sri ravishankar is one. if you listen to him for five minutes you will throw up. that is a guarantee. and there are a few other cologned reformers like ramesh ramanathan and this guy has been in the bangalore circle for more than five years. guy gets lot of press coverage but zero accomplishment. i want to see a Robespierre with half a dozen guillotines descend on india to clean up the mess. thanks for reading.


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