Saturday, September 03, 2005

Ranjan, MGR or Dilip Kumar

this is about movies.the other day while walking i started thinking about the movies of late forties and early fifties.remembered ss vasan's "chandralekha". ranjan was my favourite hero then.loved those sword fights.and the kissing scene with t.r.rajakumari fascinated mother was thrilled how she avoided ranjan's advances.

vasan was a very capable director.he made some wonderful movies. losely based on dumas count of montecristo he made this tamil movie "venji kotte valiban" except for the sissy looking hero the movie was just charming.actually one of my favourites.

then it was MGR's "marma yogi", which i saw at mysore chamundeswari theater.was fascinated by that movie.probably will get bored if i see it now.

but those days any movie with sword fights caught my fancy.vasan's "chandralekha" has not aged even after all these years.that i believe is good film making.
i graduated to hindi films after watching dilip kumar's "andaaz" and "deedar" and raj kapoor's "awaara" and "sri 420".
after all these years i still thnk Bimal Roy's Devdas is india's finest hindi movie. and dilip and suchitra sen's portrayal of devdas and parvati simply marvellous and no other performance by any other actor or actress comes even close.


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