Monday, March 03, 2008

not really negative

i am not really a negative kind of person. but i look at the people surrounding me and i just wonder what's wrong with these people. can't they think. ibm corporation at one time had the sign "THINK" in all the offices. a few years back there were no rains in bangalore area. and the then chief minister had this brilliant idea to walk to talakaveri in coorg to bring rains to bangalore. that's really good thinking. and then he puts on his designer walking shoes, designer shades and ofcourse designer walking outfit and his favourite designer wig. he walks all the way upto kengeri and suddenly decides to continue rest of the journey in the accompanying automobile. obviously the rain gods did not appreciate his action and so there were no rains. this is just one example of the incompetence of these people who are governing this state. and yeddiyurappa decides to change the spelling of his name so he can become the chief minister. he then visits all the temples of the state to get the blessings of some religioius goons. and this kind of people are at the helm making policy decisions.
of course we also have visionaries like narayanamurthy and sudha murthy.this morning i read narayana murthy becomes the advisor of hsbc bank with an annual remuneration of 55 lakhs. that must be nice. for a man who is nothing but a supplier of bodies for american corporations getting this kind of monies is not bad. mysore kamalamma also had the same credentials, for she also supplied bodies but she does not get any name recognition. this is a cruel world.
i also read this morning some junior cricketeers are returning victorioius from some tournament and there is a big procession form airport to cricket stadium during the peak rush hour. that should be fun to watch. last week it took me 3 hours to come home from the airport around 6 in the evening. and these cireketeers will get several lakhs of rupees in appreciation of their win. i wonder who's money is being spent.
so this goes on and on.
see you tomorrow.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

march 2, 2008

this clown rk misra gets facilitated again. times of india had a whole page reporting this event. so many pseudo sophisticated ass wipes of bangalore attended. i am curious what this rk misra going to accomplish. it has been three weeks since they coronated him and i do not see any changes. traffic still crawls all over bangalore and the rest of the country. still no drinking water for half the population of bangalore. no end to corruption in government offices. yeddiyurappa celebrated his 66 th birthday and he gets a garland weighing 66 kg's.
are we stupid. have we lost it. who cares about yeddi's birthday. what's the big frickin deal. i want to see rk misra with a shovel in malleswaram and work on the underpass. we have so many other idiots like rk misra in india. that joker sri sri ravishankar is one. if you listen to him for five minutes you will throw up. that is a guarantee. and there are a few other cologned reformers like ramesh ramanathan and this guy has been in the bangalore circle for more than five years. guy gets lot of press coverage but zero accomplishment. i want to see a Robespierre with half a dozen guillotines descend on india to clean up the mess. thanks for reading.