Thursday, July 21, 2005

Nykoping Days

the flight was very comfortable but for my miserable cold.the discomfort got worse as the flight progressed.landed in paris on time.plane landed away from the airport and we were shuttled to
the arrival terminal for customs and immigration formalities.immigration guy just opened the
passport and stamped without even looking at it.anyone could have entered france without a legal document. customs also no one asked a question.we came out and rented a taxi to take us to the beauvais airport.arrived at beauvais after about one hour.driver was very nice, managed to understand what we said. he was thrilled when i gave him a 10 euro tip.
beauvais airport is very small, our old bangalore airport was much bathroom was really bad.we were hungry, some french bread and milk chocolate for me and vijaya tried a
peach yogurt and stole part of my french bread.flight took off earlier than the scheduled time.
when the plane is full, they just take off.seats were cramped, since this is a cheap airline this is
tobe expected.arrived an nykoping 10 minutes sooner.entered sweden, no immigration check or
customs and yamini were waiting.there was a light drizzle.the volkswagen passat took us home.cute apartment, very nice floor and dining area is the best part of the has two bedrooms and a spacious living room.they have bought a new sony lcd tv.
now the sun does not set till about 10 pm.
19th july 2005.
last night could not sleep properly because of my ear problem.finally got some sleep after i
took some ibuprofen pills at about 2 am.woke up at about 5 am.brewed some espresso and
went for a walk.this is a very quiet town.we walked around for some 30 minutes and returned
yamini prepared breakfast, masala dosa.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

17 july 2005 Bangalore to Madras

the jetair flight got delayed by some 30 minutes.Ahmad from radisson promptly was at the madras airport to receive us.stay at radisson was a complete disappointment.they had agreed for a certain rate and when i checked in they hiked up the rate and refused to give me a breakfast coupon.i think it is a very cheap outfit.will never stay there again.
but the room was very nice and the band in the evening at the coffee shop was really superb.
forgot the singers name, but he had a crackling voice and he belted some of my favourite
songs including autumn leaves, besa memucho,shadow of your smile and strangers in the night.
totally satisfied with the nice dinner and the music.i talked to the singer and thanked him seems he was singing at the orange county in bangalore some time back.his voice
reminded me of sachmo.
at 12 midnight reached the airport,check in formality was a little tiresome.they wanted to open
one suitcase and check.but for that check in was fairly smooth.then waited for the flight at the
delta lounge.2 45 am is a very odd time.but the flight was on time. i was completely exhausted by the time i boarded.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Travel Itinerary July Thru Nov 2005

Leaving Bangalore for Madras on July 17th afternoon.
Stay at Radisson while in Madras.
Will catch the Delta Airlines Flight to Paris at 2:45 AM on July 18th.
Arrival in Paris 9:45 AM at Charles De Gaulle Airport(Roissy).
From Roissy will take a taxi to Beauvais Airport.
Will fly Ryan Air to Nykoping(Sweden).Flight leaves at 2:55 PM and
reaches Nykoping around 5 PM.

Break in Sweden till August 2nd.

August 2nd to Berlin, Germany on a SAS flight.
Stay at Hilton Berlin till the 9th.
Fly to Budapest on the 9th on SAS.
Stay at Hilton Westend Budapest till the 13th.
Fly back to Berlin on the 13th, stay overnight at Hilton.
Next day will fly to Stockholm.

While in Sweden plan to travel to Oslo to meet my friend
M.K.Ramesh.And may be fly to Barcelona for a few days.
All in planning stages.

On sept 20th will fly to New York from Paris.
Stay with my friend V.T.Shadagopan till Nov 10th.
Return to Paris and to Nykoping on Nov 10th.
Fly back to Madras from Paris on Nov 20th.
Will reach Madras on Nov 21st.