Monday, March 26, 2012

Good News For Indians

Indians Love to Piss. They will piss anywhere. It is a national pastime. They are equal opportunity pissers. This lady sudha murthy got really upset that these blokes piss everywhere. And the women folks cannot do the same. So what she does is builds these Pissers all over bangalore, and you have to pay one rupee for a small piss. Indians don't want to pay. Indians like free things. they want everything free. they no want to pay. sudha murthy gets more upset. she complains to NR. NR does not care. he is busty trying to speak like americans. He is almost there, his twang is almost there. and he is least bothered. And he can piss for free at any sudha murthy pissers. sudha murthy has a brilliant idea now. she prints coupons, calls it sudha murthy piss coupons. The catch to hook indians is, she says you buy this coupon book and for every piss you pay the next one is free. Bingo. Indians love it. People form long queues to buy these coupon books. Business is good. Still some of the indians do not buy into this scheme. Sudha Murthy starts thinking again. She comes up with this idea of a Sudha Murthy Piss card.
You buy this card and for every piss you get two free pisses. People start buying these SM Piss card. In the meanwhile infosys programmers are working day and night to support this project. NR is happy programmers are working hard and making name for themselves and to love of his life sudha.
NR says god bless sudha in his newly acquired american accent.
One thing about sudha murthy, she is always thinking of improvement. She talks to Nandan Nilekani. She wants to link the Adhar to sudha murthy Piss system. with a slight modification to her sudha murthy piss system, the adhar card will allow you to Piss at the sudha murthy pisser, or this is the clincher, you can piss anywhere you want. Let us say you are
pissing on the stree right next to some temple and the Dafedhar deranna catches you pissing in a public place, you can show the adhar card, dafedhar cannot do anything about it. Now everyone wants the adhar card. Because indians love to piss anywhere they like.
Now internationally, the sudha murthy piss card is accepted all over the world. Sonya was in italy talking to the pope at the vatican. she wanted to take a leak. Pope tells her it costs 5 euros at the vatican urinal to piss. Sonya produces the sudha murthy piss card and she pisses for free. As an international gesture of good will she gives him SM piss card. Now SM Krishna is saying
that the piss card is named after him. Now pope pisses for free at the vatican urinal. Sri Sri Ravishankar does not need them, because he is like jesus, no piss and no shit. He can eat as much as he wants and produces none of it. That is why he is always smiling.